Mighty Be Our Powers

Mighty Be Our Powers

Mighty Be Our Powers

Mighty Be Our Powers

Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer and Sex Changed a Nation at War

With 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee

How a young woman broken by war and domestic violence became the leader of an army of women who brought their nation to peace.

  • Dayton Literary Peace Prize Finalist
  • Excerpted in Newsweek
  • Reprinted in 14 Countries


“Searing war-torn memories from a visionary African peacekeeper and women’s rights activist.”

  — Starred Kirkus Review



  — Oprah Blog Book of the Week


“One of the most inspirational and powerful books I’ve ever read.”

— Sheryl Sandberg


“As riveting as a can’t-put-down novel.”

— Reader’s Digest


“An amazing tale of a group of women coming together to change the course of a country’s history—and…the inspiring story of how Leymah overcame her own doubts and fears and found the courage to lead them.”

—Bill Gates, “10 Books Melinda and I Recommend to the TED Crowd”


 “A gripping, deeply personal story; an extraordinary read.”

— Ms Magazine blog


 “Mighty Be Our Powers would not be the riveting and finely detailed personal story it is without Carol – more than that, the book would never have come into existence. She is a highly gifted reporter and writer with an uncanny ability to find a story, tease out scenes and forgotten moments and weave them into a richly atmospheric whole.”

            — Katrina Heron Editor At Large, Newsweek/Daily Beast

Final Gifts

Final Gifts

Final Gifts

Final Gifts

A brutally honest report from the frontlines of eldercare.

“In her short but powerful memoir, FINAL GIFTS, noted American author-essayist Carol Mithers…captured a sense of legacy that all humans deserve a chance to share.”

— Pauline Finch, Book Reporter

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Therapy Gone Mad

Therapy Gone Mad

Therapy Gone Mad

Therapy Gone Mad

The true story of a psychotherapy cult born in 1970s America

“A terrifying story, brilliantly told.”

  — Kirkus Reviews


“A case study of how idealism goes sour, [and] the dangers of self-involvement… a cautionary tale for the victim-oriented ’90s.”

  — Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times


“Recommended to all who strive to understand the powerful influences whereby relatively normal human beings can give up all that they hold dear, including children and their own identities, in the name of a higher purpose.”

— Cultic Studies Journal